Saturday, April 1 will be our first annual portfolio review at Hidden Light.
(No, it’s not an April fools joke, this is just the day that worked out for our reviewers).

Who should participate:
Whether you are just starting in photography and looking to get your first professional feedback, or you are an award-winning, published shooter, this opportunity is for you. One-on-one time with people knowledgable about the photography field means that your session is tailored specifically to you. Want to know how to get published in magazines? Ask your reviewers. Looking to make fine-art prints for display in museums and galleries? Great! Your session is about your images and your goals for your work.

Inside of a strict 15 minute timeline, you only have time to look through your best images, so it is imperative that you know how to cull your work down to the best of the best. Showing the breadth of the work you want to be doing is better than showing the depth of a single project that all looks similar. You can think about the portfolio review as a sort of interview; make a great first impression, show your best work, and take the constructive criticism to heart.

How it works:
Over the course of an hour, you will sit with four different experts from all walks of the photography industry and get their take on your portfolio of images.
Our reviewers are:

  • Jeff Kida – Arizona Highways Photo Editor
  • Amy Horn – NAU Photography Professor
  • Joel Wolfson – Photographer
  • Richard Jackson – Master Printer

$50. Cash, check or card. Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled review time to make sure you have time to pay.

The top three portfolios scored by the reviewers will have the opportunity to display their work at an exclusive show at the Coconino Center for the Arts!
The grand prize winner will receive their work printed at no charge by Hidden Light, for the display at the above mentioned show.

Some review tips:

  1. Bring your best work! If you have images that aren’t quite finished yet, leave them at home. Choose your top (up to 20) images to show and receive in-depth feedback.
  2. Consider printing your images! An iPad or computer screen may not always showcase your work in the best way. If you plan to show your work digitally, please bring a computer, tablet or other way to display your images. Have it set up and ready to go.
  3. Expect constructive criticism. This review is all about how you can improve as a photographer.
  4. Consider taking notes. You’ll get a lot of feedback in an hour – writing some of it down is a good way to help absorb it.
  5. Bring your business card or a printed leave-behind for each reviewer, in case they want to get in touch with you at a later date.
  6. Ask questions – be engaged – LISTEN to the responses.