Photographer and gallery owner David Brookover first contacted Hidden Light in 2003 to process 8×10 black and white sheet film and make silver gelatin prints for his gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This initial contact has led to a wonderful, long term relationship founded in mutual respect between the artist and the professional approach that is Hidden Lights trademark. This has resulted in a colossal body of work built on traditional imagery for The Brookover Gallery and Hidden Light.

David often travels to Flagstaff with his faithful dog, Mocha, to work in the darkroom on his new releases and to spend time perfecting the look of his platinum/palladium prints. Working closely with the printers, David is constantly delving into uncharted territory, pushing the boundaries of the platinum print process its substrates and fine art presentation.  Brookover and Hidden Light have pioneered the creation of large platinum/palladium prints, with sizes up to 30″x40.” The Brookover Gallery  currently has an unprecedented 70 plus platinum/palladium prints on display. It stands alone as one of the largest hanging platinum/palladium collections in the U.S.

In June 2010, Brookover released his book, The Road.  A collectors edition of only 150 books is also available which includes a platinum palladium print.

For more information please contact The Brookover Gallery or call them at 307-732-3988

Hidden Light is the exclusive printer of platinum palladium prints, silver gelatin prints.

The Brookover Gallery