Shane Knight is one of the pre-eminent photographers in the southwest, and as technology propels the industry into the digital realm, he finds solace in his passion for traditional photographic processes.  Shane was born in Hays, Kansas and has distinguished himself in the western and landscape photography genres after decades of traveling and years of working ranches and wrangling horses.

The majority of the work that we have done with Shane over the years has come in the form of silver gelatin printing, which is a painstaking traditional development process that takes place in the darkroom. His love of horses was planted and cultivated while working as a ranch hand and has resulted in a massive body of images whose tone ranges from distant and mysterious to perfectly intimate and personal. Shane’s propensity for capturing the power, grace, and personality of his equine companions enables him to create beautifully descriptive representations of setting, action, and subject.

Recently Shane has also stepped into the realm of platinum/ palladium darkroom printing. Although significantly more consuming in regards to time and resources the platinum/ palladium prints offer tonal depth and range unmatched by other traditional processes. In addition to his work with the Hidden Light team Shane is constantly seeking out and exploring other traditional processes in an attempt to better understand his photographic roots.

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