Fourth World Images
is the company founded by Navajo entrepreneur Myron “Mylo” Fowler. An award winning photographer whose iconic images of the southwest and, more specifically, his homeland of the Navajo reservation, are representative of his respect for nature and his Navajo traditions and values.  He learned many of the traditional ways from his grandparents who recently passed away at the ages of 104 and 92. Mylo has worked with the Hidden Light team since August of 2009 and has since then been closely involved in the printing process of some of his most celebrated photographs. Initially focused on the silver gelatin print process Mylo generated multiple blue-ribbon prints that have contributed to his success and recognition not only among the most prestigious Native American Fine Art Expositions, but as a world-class photographer in any circle. Having been born and raised on the Navajo reservation requiring much hands-on work, he is very passionate about the craft in the darkroom.

Mylo captures these images using a 4×5 and 8×10 large format field camera.  He strictly uses the 8×10 for his black and white images. This is his preferred medium of image capture because of it’s unsurpassable focal range and unlimited depth of field.  In addition to the silver gelatin prints Mylo has worked on with our printing staff, he has also delved into the realm of platinum/ palladium printing and has given us an opportunity to create some of our largest prints in that medium.

Mylo has also recently developed a passion for documenting his exploits and adventures thanks to the advent of extremely portable and high quality video cameras.  He is amassing a collection of mini-movies detailing the ins and outs of his photography, the printing process, and even the framing and finishing aspects. He finds the importance to share with his clients and collector’s the complete A to Z process. From image capture, working in the darkroom and final presentation with Hidden Light’s sister company, The Framing Department. Mylo possesses a boundless energy that is requisite for the epic treks, sunrise exposures, and endless driving that defines his love for his work. He often gets’s his oil changed every 3-5 weeks! Only with unbridled devotion can one person go where he has gone and captured the best of it all on film.

His mission is to keep the traditional ways alive. Both in image capture and Navajo culture.

“I absolutely find my work and vision come to life here at Hidden Light. Each print is truly a handcrafted piece of the Southwest and especially home; Navajoland.”
– Mylo Fowler



Fourth World Images