Bobby Wheat is a photographic artist working exclusively with medium and large-format film out of Las Vegas, NV.
Over the better part of the last decade, he has divided his time between running his gallery, spending time with his wife and daughter, and of course creating works of photographic art via vintage film cameras.In the Las Vegas market saturated with digital photographic artists, Bobby approaches the medium with a “purist” approach, not out of an arrogant favoring of film over digital or “old-school” over modern (his favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, and Justin Bieber), but with the mindset that a true understanding of how a camera sees and approaching photography from a traditional standpoint will always yield more powerful and artistic imagery than relying on computer algorithms to combine digital images.
While his work spans the gamut of photography from color to B&W, landscape to conceptual, Bobby has shifted recent focus to darkroom platinum / palladium and silver gelatin printing, working with master printers Taylor Mahoney and Matt Beaty to create completely analogue works in hyper-exclusive editions.  On working in the darkroom with the Hidden Light team, Bobby explains, “It forces me to be a better photographer knowing that all I have are a few ancient tools to shape the final image.  The works I produce with these guys are my crown jewels so to speak”.
Since opening his gallery just over 5 years ago, he has achieved nearly $2M in sales and recently became one of the youngest fine art photographers to ever be named a “Master of Photography” by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the largest entity for professional photographers on earth.
His art hangs in homes and offices on 4 continents, and while these achievements speak volumes on his skills as a photographic artist, Bobby will always believe that his greatest artistic achievements are the moments when he brings artistic vision to fruition, creating a final print from a pre-visualized idea that is completely unique needing no affirmation from an outside opinion to validate his satisfaction with the final printed work of art.
Bobby Wheat