Jake first got in touch with Hidden Light for a small series of Platinum/Palladium prints. After participating in that process, he became interested in exploring other alternative processes, specifically the possibility of making images of wildlife on a wetplate collodion process on glass, known as ambrotype.

Using a series of Jake’s images, Hidden Light adapted a little-known process allowing the use of digital images to be printed in true ambrotype. Over the course of several months, the plates came together in a show representing the first time images of living wildlife have been displayed in this specific medium.

Jake’s career began by focusing on the wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. He grew up spending his summers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where his time in the Teton Range, surrounded by jagged peaks and abundant wildlife, cultivated not only a love for nature at a very young age, but also the desire to share and preserve it. Even now, while he travels often to photograph and tell the stories of vulnerable wildlife around the world, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is home.

Jake’s hope is that all his work will serve to break the spell that in some measure rests on us all–that of a blasé disposition in regard to this astonishing and (at the risk of being misunderstood) magical world we call home. A place in many senses too beautiful to be real, except that it is. In a time where people are far removed from the rhythm and balance of the natural world, Jake strives to rekindle a connection with the wild through his incredible work.

Jake Davis // The Wild Remembered from Andrew Rurik on Vimeo.
His wildlife photography can be found on his website at Revealed in Nature, and the ambrotype series can be found at on their own site at The Wild Remembered.

Jake Davis – Revealed in Nature