We would like you to know a little bit about our philosophy.

We feel it is important to continue making the finest black and white photographic prints, each print by hand in a traditional wet darkroom. Just as the fine craftsmanship is valued in a fine piece of furniture, hand blown glass, or a priceless oil painting, we feel it should also be valued in the creation of a handcrafted black and white photographic print.

At Hidden Light LLC we work with many processes including: the traditional black and white silver gelatin print and  Platinum/Palladium. We take very seriously the task of making the finest print that can be made, and are always trying to improve what we can do.

We invite you to take a deeper look into our website where you can see some of the projects we have worked on, see who our clients are, and learn more about our services.

Most Sincerely,

Stephen Saunders & Matt Beaty


partners_stephenSTEPHEN SAUNDERS:

Originally from Oklahoma, Stephen Saunders, co-owner of Hidden Light LLC, has been working in the darkroom since high school. While in college studying to be a commercial photographer Stephen became interested in photo journalism which led to an internship shooting for the Arizona Daily Sun. When the staff photographers made requests for Stephen to make their prints it was then he realized that his future in photography might be best in the darkroom. He has been printing professionally for over 20 years. Since Larry Javorsky joined the team in 2011 Stephen has been able to take a step back from printing and focus on the administrative aspects of a growing business. Although still intimately involved with production he also spearheads marketing, community outreach efforts, and quality improvement.




1493395_580194758717010_1988756866_o-678x1024MATT BEATY:

With a background in photography and marketing, Matt came on board in 2013 to look after The Framing Department and to make sure Stephen and Corey don’t get in too much trouble. He brought with him a wealth of experience in communications and small business marketing in Flagstaff.
In 2016, Matt joined Hidden Light as a partner and took over Corey Allen’s role as the primary platinum/palladium printer.
He particularly enjoys the creative process in the outdoors and can often be found camping in the wilderness of Northern Arizona on weekends, shooting digital or large format, and chatting about photography with anyone who will listen.




A freelance photographer and based in Flagstaff, Taylor is currently on staff at the Arizona Daily Sun, and works in the silver gelatin darkroom. His intuitive feel for darkroom processes is a product of 15 years working on his craft and continually experimenting with and learning new procedures, including several alternative process techniques.

Have backpack, will travel.

Taylor still shoots a LOT of film; large format, 120, and 35mm.





A graduate of NAU’s photography program and a passionate lover of the outdoors, Kristen manages The Framing Department including all framing, mounting, laminating and






Hidden Light Alumni Section

Our thanks go out to our alumni, each of whom has contributed part of themselves to help make Hidden Light LLC what it is today.