Wondering how to get your latest endeavor going?
Please give us a call or send an email to discuss your project!

No matter how large or small your order is, we approach it with utmost care and interest in seeing your needs met. We have a highly skilled team ready to work with you to develop prints that exceed your expectations. We work with photographers, curators and collectors from all over the US and around the world.

Here’s a quick outline of how the process usually works for all of our print types:

  1. You prepare your digital file to look exactly the way you want. Get your contrast right, the toning of the print, everything exactly the way you want.
  2. Make yourself a folder on Dropbox or use another file sharing service. It should be named “HL_yourname”. You want to share this folder with Matt: matt@hiddenlightllc.com
  3. Inside this folder, place your perfected image in its highest resolution form. TIFF, DNG or PSD are all common filetypes that we use. While you’re there, please place a copy of the original RAW file as well, just in case.
  4. From this file, we will look things over and get going ASAP. We will usually make a few changes here to align the print with what you are looking for. Occasionally we will make suggestions for you to review. In our lab, we will make minor adjustments and continue printing as many times as necessary until we have a perfect print.
  5. Once your print is complete, we will invoice you via email, which lets you pay online through our secure payment portal.
  6. We will mail you the print* once it’s dried and spotted and inspected. Your print is done, and ready to be framed and put up in your home or gallery!
  7. If any mounting, matting, and framing is desired, this is the time to ensure the print is protected and displayed well. We’re happy to do all this for you, or just send you the finished print alone.

From the moment of capture (either film or digital), we are happy to walk you through the process to holding your finished work in your hands, ready to hang on a wall or ship to your clients.

(Don’t feel like reading all those words? Here’s a video!)

*NOTE: as of 2022 there is a $50 boxing charge for shipping all loose prints. We use industry standard AirFloat packaging for loose prints.

The Framing Department at HiddenLight is our division of skilled photo finishers who can mount, mat, and frame your  work. We can box and crate your photographs and deliver them anywhere in the world. When shipping your original materials to us, FedEx or UPS work best. We appreciate the opportunity to  work with you.

“I absolutely find my work and vision come to life here at Hidden Light. Each print is truly a handcrafted piece of the Southwest and especially home; Navajoland.” -Mylo Fowler