Few things are as exciting as making your own prints by hand, and we are thrilled to provide one-on-one printing workshops, working on your own images with you in any print process we offer.
Our facilities provide an excellent space for printing, critiquing, classroom discussion, and simple casual conversation about photography. We have two darkroom spaces with several enlargers to print from 35mm up to 8×10 formats, as well as a separate darkroom for processing film.  Our course offerings range from basic techniques in silver gelatin printmaking, to more advanced knowledge and practices, and other alternative printing processes. Our objectives for these workshops is to impart a better understanding of three main concepts:

Insight ~  Composition, traditional versus digital processes, uniqueness of Black & White printing.

Inspiration ~  Critique, sharing our work with one another, discussion, etc.

Instruments ~ Printing techniques, tools and their uses, manipulation techniques to achieve certain results.

Now offering ONE-ON-ONE workshops in basic film development, silver gelatin, and platinum/palladium print processes!

$90/hour* for basic darkroom technique and silver gelatin printing up to 16×20

$180/hour* for platinum palladium, including digital negative printing from digital files up to 11×14

Contact us to learn more about workshop options.

*Fee covers the entire workshop including instruction and the processing of film, paper and chemicals needed to make up to four prints in an 8-hour workshop.  DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of film, lodging, meals, or rental camera fees.

Note: Additional darkroom time and printing materials will be available at additional cost.